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Лилит / Lilith / Robert Rossen / 1964

Изображение:Lilith dvdcover.jpg

Производство: США
Реёиссер: Роберт Россен
В ролях: Джин Сиберг, Уоррен Битти, Питер Фонда, Ким Хантер, Анна Мишем
Год: 1964
Жанр: Драма
Длительность: 114 мин
IMDb: ID 0058294

by dariobava
...............: Lilith-1964-Robert.Rossen.avi
Filesize............: 1,348 MB (or 1,380,952 KB or 1,414,094,848 bytes)
Runtime..........: 01:49:20 (164,000 fr)
Video Codec...: XviD
Video Bitrate..: 1611 kb/s
Audio Codec...: 0x0055(MP3) ID'd as MPEG-1 Layer 3
Audio Bitrate...: 105 kb/s (52/ch, stereo) VBR LAME3.97
Frame Size.......: 720x384 (1.88:1) [=15:8]
QualityFactor...: 0.233 bits/pixel

Винсент Брюс, ветеран Корейской войны, возвращается на родину в штат Мэриленд и становится врачом в психиатрической клинике для состоятельных душевнобольных. Там он встречает красивую молодую пациентку по имени Лилит Артур, которая живет в своем зыбком выдуманном мире, и влюбляется в нее. Между Винсентом и Лилит начинается роман. Но не его одного неудержимо влечет к девушке — вскоре Винсенту становится известно, что между Лилит и пациенткой миссис Миган существует лесбийская связь, а пациент Стивен Эвшевски влюблен в нее. После того, как она отвергает Эвшевски, он кончает жизнь самоубийством, и его смерть становится для Лилит толчком к настоящему безумию.

Robert Rossen's last film (1964) is a masterpiece, and also a complete contradiction of his career. The social critic (All the King's Men, The Hustler) suddenly blossoms into a hothouse romantic, through the dreamy story of an apprentice psychoanalyst (Warren Beatty)in an elite sanitarium in New England, who falls in love with one of his patients (Jean Seberg) and the sweet morbidity she represents.As time passes, their relationship deepens and intensifies, and the differences between them begin to blur, leading to a shocking, but oddly logical conclusion.

This forgotten, totally under-appreciated film from 1964 is very powerful. Strangely hypnotic and frightening in a very subtle way, this showed Beatty three years before Bonnie &Clyde showing the potential he had in Splendor in the Grass. He also met Gene Hackman while making this and later cast him as his brother in B&C which launched Hackman.
Robert Rossen was a Communist party member who eventually named names before the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1953 after suffering two years on the blacklist. And so, it's tempting to read this mental-institution drama as some kind of political allegory, especially considering Jean Seberg's radical politics and subsequent travails with the FBI, and Warren Beatty's future as a countercultural icon (not to mention his glamorization of communism in Reds [1981]).
Seberg has stated that this was her favorite film role ever, and I can see why she would prefer this more accomplished performance over her popular but breezy role in the smash hit Breathless. While Beatty gives a jarring Method actor's performance that has him leading a life of quiet desperation, as no one around him who is in a position to help hears his cries for help--only the sickest nymphomaniac girl in the sanitarium can hear him. Anne Meacham convincingly plays the worldly fellow inmate, who has a lesbian affair with Seberg. Kenyon Hopkins’s offers a moody, evocative jazz-flavored score, while cinematographer Eugen Schufftan effectively evokes the proper delicate mood of the film by shading it in white-the film is conceived in shades of white so delicate and elusive that the picture barely seems to brush the the screen.


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